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summer & fall 2023 workshops & classes

publshing trans stories

*sigh*ence class | august - september 2023

 fridays, august 18 - sept 15 

 4-6pm PDT on Zoom 

cost: $225, 1 free spot available


In this generative class we'll experiment with experience, play with what we can take from biology, geology, -ologies in general, and approach our own investigations in prose, in syntax, with as much (or more) curiosity as scientists do a cell or taxonomy. I see science, in its Western configuration, as a failed endeavor-- a commitment to fact and data that left feeling behind in an attempt to conquer and colonize with Knowledge. We'll try to reclaim and embody feeling in our work and in the way we move through the world. In *sigh*ence, we're not interested in peer review or critique, nor in the writer as data collector; this will be a generative workshop built around communal inquiry. I will provide readings, prompts, meditations & 'homework', which include a mix of writing assignments and exercises such as: 'go outside and find a piece of lichen. how many worlds can you find inside of it?'

short story multiverse | september 2023 - january 2024

 4-6pm PDT on Zoom (see dates below) 

cost: $400-$550 sliding scale, 1 free spot available (CLAIMED, lmk if you want to be on a waitlist for this)



Short stories present the writer with the opportunity for many new beginnings throughout time, space, genre, character and place. But how to start again and again without becoming lost or overwhelmed? Are there strategies and tools to keep motivated over the years it takes to write, revise, rewrite, and make big shifts to your original framework? How does one find a framework in the first place, for a single story or multiple? This class will present an opportunity to examine the different ways stories can collide and disperse to build toward something bigger than the sum of their parts. Over the course of five months you’ll read 3 whole collections of your choosing, share at least 2 stories with the group for feedback, and join with a small cohort of other writers equally engaged in trying to glimpse the scale of their own creative universe, how it coheres, and where it ventures into new places. Meetings will be a mix of group conversation and one-on-one meetings with me, as well as occasional Zoom Q&As with writers, editors, and artists to provide different frameworks for thinking about your work in the world. The class will take place online, and will culminate in an optional Zoom reading open to the public in January 2024.

Who this class is for: You don’t need to be seeking publication with a traditional publisher—or seeking publication at all—in order to reap the benefits of this class. While I draw on my experience as an editor, writer, bookseller, and former publicist to demystify the publishing world for writers who want to know more, as a teacher I rely on mindfulness and reflection, somatic exercises, metaphor work, and meditations in combination with writing prompts and discussions. I believe this approach has something for everyone, whether you are looking to polish a manuscript of short stories, map out a memoir in essays, or are interested in building a sustained practice of writing and creation as part of a holistic life. One-on-one meetings are where we can tailor toward your specific goals. If you’re still not sure if this is right for you, please reach out. I’m always offering new classes both online and in-person, and there may be something else coming up that might better suit your wants and needs.


Group Meetings

Sept 4, 17

Oct 9, 22

Nov 5, 19

Dec 3

Jan 7, 17 (Zoom reading)

One-on-one meetings individually scheduled

Deposits, Sliding Scale & Payment Info


Unless otherwise noted, a $100 deposit is required to hold your space.

Deposits are not refundable, but I will apply them to a future class if you can't attend the series you signed up for.

In other words, be sure you're ready to do this before paying me $$$.

If a class lists the cost as a range (i.e. $400-600), then I trust you to be able to select the payment level that best suits your current financial situation.

Sometimes I'm able to offer a spot in a class free of charge. I will list below the class title if one of these spots is available. These spots are reserved for those who can't afford to pay but who are at a stage in their writing/lives where they believe they would benefit from some instruction. Just tell me a little about yourself, how you learned about the class, and I'll let you know if the spot is available or add you to a waitlist. 

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